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Miracles Of Allah Zakir Naik Videos
Introduction To Islam Miscellaneous Videos
Presentations(Harun Yahya) Power Point Presentations
Flash Presentations Flash Nasheeds(songs)
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Reverts(Converts)To Islam! Purpose Of Life & Death!
Quran with Translation



Miracles Of Allah

Amazing Fish!
Parrot Reciting Surah Al-Ikhlas &

Allah's (Swt) Name from Apollo
Miracles Of Allah-Moon Splitting!
Proofs Of Allah! 

Purpose Of Life & Death!

Khalid Yaseen-What is The Purpose of Life?
Purpose of Life and Death
The World is a Temporary place of Test
The only Guide is the Quran
The Only Deity is God
The Defense and Fraud of the Evolutionist
The concept of Science based on the Quran
The Birth of Science in the West-Scientists
believed in God
Science in Islamic History
Never Forget To Repent
Every moment you experience is a part of
your Destiny


Quran with Translation

Surah Anfal 1 of 2
Surah Mujadilah
Surat Al-Waqiah

Reverts(Converts)To Islam!

Jermaine Jackson(Brother of Michael
Jackson)Turned Muslim!
Yusuf Islam-The Life of Cat Stevens!
Malik Shabaz (Malcom X)-Travelling to
Makkah doing Hajj and Becoming a True Muslim!
Malcolm X - Prince Of Islam
Yusuf Islam former singer Cat Stevens Interview!
Iman Aparicio From Christianity to Islam
Yvonne Ridley Interview
Turning Muslims in Texas!
Hamza Yusuf-Why I Came To Islam?
Dr. J. Nicholson, PhD from Scotland-
How I Came to Islam

Rachel (Latifa) Ford-Revert from Leeds
Hijab (NBC)
Hamza Yusuf-Why I Came To Islam
CNN News-6 Million Americans coverted
European Scientist Converts To Islam
Scientist Reverted to Islam after
Reading Quran
Sister Jan Converted from Christianity
to Islam

US TV Report-20000 Americans Convert to
Islam Every Year

Jewish And Catholic Women Become Muslim
Women Turn To Islam
Sister Carolyne in England
Muslim People in England
Islam in Nederland
Islam in Australia-Susan
French woman talks about Womens Rights in Islam
French Sister About Wearing Hijab
Crystal-How I Became Muslim
British Man And French Woman Share Their Story
Amy in England

Power Point Presentations

99 Names Of Allah
21 Tips for Lowering the Gaze
Co-Ordination in Human Body
Islam 101-How to take care of the Muslim
Patient's needs
Islamic Oases From Daily Stress!
Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)-World before
& After Him!
The only Truth in this World
Pope's Remarks & The Truth!
Greatness of Allah
Response to Cartoons Caricature Prophet Muhammad(saw)-For
Al-Aqsa Mosque-The Real Masjid
Purpose of Life
What is Islam

Flash Presentations

Learn Arabic
Miracles of the Quran
Washing of the Dead
5 pillars of Islam
Prayer (Beginner)
Prayer (Advanced)            
Ever Wonder!
Dua for the Buried Dead
Salat (How to Pray)
Painful Questions-911
Pentagon Strike 9-11

Video Recitations

Abu Bakr Ash Shatry
Ahmed Bin Al Ajmi
Muhammad Ayyoub

Flash Nasheeds(songs)
This Is Islam
The Miracle Planet Earth
Shufoo Shufoo
Ahmed Bukhatir - Last Breath
MD AlHusayan - 'Aaeduun

MDAlHusayan - Aaeduun 2

MD AlHusayan - 'Araftuk
MDAlHusayan - Araftuk 2

MD AlHusayan - Mawlay
MD AlHusayan - Saeer
MDAlHusayan - Saeer 2

MD AlHusayan - Ya Rafeq AdDarb
MDAlHusayan - YaRafeqAdDarb 2

MDAlHusayan - LailatenMenAlLayl l
MDAlHusayan - LailatenMenAlLayl 2
MDAlHusayan - YaZainAlNaisam 1
MDAlHusayan - YaZainAlNaisam 2 
Ahmed Bukhatir - Ghurabaa(Live)
Ahmed Bukhatir - Al-Hijab

Ahmed Bukhatir - Ya Eid

Mujae Dar Pae (urdu)

Sa'ad Al-Ghamidi - Ghurabaa

Video Nasheeds(songs)

Zain Bhikha - Have you heard?
Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Will you Hate Me
Ahmed Bukhater - Al-H'ejaab

Ahmed Bukhater - Fartaqi
Ahmed Bukhater - Ya 'Eed
Islam Is For!
Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Sunshine,Dust and
The Messenger
Dawud Wharnsby Ali - The Veil
Irfan Makki - Waiting For The Call!
Native Deen -
My Intentions 
Last Breath (Low Quality)
(High Quality)
Ya Makkah
Ummi Flsteen  AllahuAkbar!
Yusuf Islam - I Look I See
Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy - Tala'al Badru
Ahmed Bukhatir - Oh God Forgive Me
Native Deen - Small Deeds
DeathSong - Dust is my Bed
Native Deen - My Intentions
Sami Yusuf & Outlandish - Try not to cry
Ahmed Bukhatir - Zawjati-Dear my wife
Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby - Allah Knows
Zain Bhikha - Can't Take It With You
(with lyrics)

Zain Bhikha - Give thanks to Allah
Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah
Zain Bhikha - Our World
Zain Bhikha - say HE is ALLAH
Songs of Innocence
Zain Bhikha - The Heart of a Muslim
Yusuf Islam (former Cat Stevens) - A is for Allah
Yusuf Islam (former Cat Stevens) - Peace Train

(Harun Yahya)

Noble Path
Perished Nations
The Creation of Man
Miracle of the Salmon
Miracle of the Leaf Cutter Ant
The Truth of Life of this World
Miracle of the Spider
The Miracle Planet-Earth
Dolphins & their miracle sonar system
The Creation of the Camel


Introduction To Islam

5 minutes Introduction to Islam
Inside Mecca (National Geographic)
Islam Empire of Faith (PBS Documentary)

Muhammad(saw)Legacy Of a Prophet (PBS Documentary)
Amina Assilmi-Islam-Liberator of Women!
Guide to Performing Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah)
Hajj Special Report-Pilgrimage To Mecca (Makkah) (CNN)
The Hajj-One American Pilgrimage To Mecca (ABC News)
Preservation of the Holy Quran
[photostat copy
of 2 of 7 Qurans written at the time
of Caliph Uthman (ra) & Belongings of Prophet Muhammad (saw)]

Yusuf Islam-One God One Humanity
Yusuf Islam-Glorious Quran-The Liberator!
The Dome of The Rock (History Of Islam)
Yusuf Estes - 135 Shahadahs (see 135 people revert(convert)
to Islam by saying the Shahadah!)
Religions of The World-Islam

Miscellaneous Videos

Imran Merchant-Backtracking Music
Benny Hinn(priest)exposed!
Hamza Yusuf-Zaytuna Institute
Bush Family Fortunes(BBC)  
Money Masters  Part1 Part2
Hamza Yusuf-Islam and Democracy (High Resolution Trailer)

Myth of The Liberal Media
Painful Deceptions-An Analysis of The 9-11 Attack
Part1 Part2 Part3

Painful Deceptions-Update 9-11 Commission Report
Painful Deceptions-9-11 Uranium Report

Painful Deceptions-9-11 Addendum

Panama Deception
Part1 Part2 Part3
In Plane Site(9-11)-Smoke & Flash Claims
In Plane Site(9-11)-The Directors Cut!
Hamza Yusuf-Changing Our
Historical Places In The Quran (urdu)
The Hidden Truth!-Hadiths relating to
The End Of Times!

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Israr Ahmad-Taubah Ki Azmat(urdu)

A Visual Guide To Madina Al Munawwara
Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Culture & History

Hajj & Mu'tamer Guidance
Madina Development
Makkah Development
Manasik-e-Hajj o Umra
Construction Of Masjid Al-Haram(urdu)
Construction Of Masjid-E-Nabwi(urdu)
Shabbir Ally & Forward-Did Jesus Die For The Sins Of The World?
(Dialogue with Priest!)
A Journey To Hajj and Umrah(How To Perform)
Tsunami Disaster (26-12-04)

Catholics and Free Masons!
Satanism in America!

Voices In The Wilderness

The Quran and Space Sciences

Timeless Time

Alex Jones-Who's Really Winning The Info War?
Bush vs Bush!(Comedy Central)
Malik Shabaz(Malcolm X)-
Black Nationalism?
Hamza Yusuf-Views on Technology
Hamza Yusuf-Give & Take for God's Sake
George Bush-Keeping America Scared!
American Muslim Neighbours

Quran & Science
Yusuf Islam-Norwegian Interview (1997-1998)

Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq-Ramadhan The Blessed Month
Part1 Part2

Jinn (Satan) possessed in a woman!

Religions of The World-Islam

Steven Rose(NewsNight)-Academic Boycott
Tahir Khalid-Comparative Religion
Madina Masjid Tour
(with nasheeds of Kamaluddin)
Khalid Yaseen-Jesus Christ-Essa(Peace be upon him)
Khalid Yaseen-Islam 'The Treasure'
Khalid Yaseen-From the Root to the Fruit
A Meeting With Allah!
Muslim Prayer-No Excuse to Miss it!
Sheikh Passed Away while Speaking in the Mosque!
Ali-Al Tamimi-A Few Words Just Before His Arrest!
Allah's Mercy!
Amina Assilmi  Part1 Part2
Ziaullah Khan-Steadfastness in
a Sea of Change
Ziaullah Khan-Are you in or out?
What's in Surat Al-Bakarah
What Happens To An Evil Person!
Pray Salah
Death Accident
Abul-Raheem Green-The Coca Cola Generation
Banana-The Athiests Nightmare!
Hamza Yusuf-Changing The Tide
Hamza Yusuf-Broadening the Scope of the Pope
Hamza Yusuf-Making Sense of Our Past
Hamza Yusuf-The Muslim Response-
Lebanon Israel War
Hamza Yusuf-The Prophetic Wisdom
Hamza Yusuf-Thoughts on the Science Delusion
Hamza Yusuf's Videocast
Episode 1  Episode 2
Hamza Yusuf-Secularism Facing Islam
Hamza Yusuf-The Perfect Path
Hamza Yusuf-Who Speaks For Islam
Cities of Light
(PBS-The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain
-Jews & Christians
Living in Peace Under Islamic Rule-
Islamic Contributions to The West)
Shadows in motion - Exposing the New World Order
Khalid Yaseen -
The Crusades - Crescent and the Cross (The History Channel)
Part1 Part2
(The battles between the Christian Crusaders and the Muslims for the city of Jerusalem)
The Hidden Wars Of Desert Storm

Zakir Naik Videos

Al-Qur'an Should it be Read With
Understanding? Part1 Part2 Part3
Concept Of God In Major Religions
Part1 Part2 Part3
Dawat Ya Tabahi (Urdu) Part1 Part2
Focus On Islam And Universal Brotherhood
Part1 Part2 Part3
If Label Shows Your Intent Wear It
Part1 Part2 Part3
Interest Free Economy Part1 Part2
Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitted
or Prohibited?
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
Is Religious Fundamentalism A
Stumbling Block?
Part1 Part2 Part3
Is The Qur'an God's Word?
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Islam & Christanity
Part1 Part2
Islam & Secularism
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Islamic Diet & Science
Islamic Dietry Laws
Part1 Part2
Muhammad(Pbuh)In The Various Religious
Part1 Part2
Questions and Answers (Urdu)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Qur'an And Bible In The Light Of Science
Vs Campbell
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Quran And Modern Science Conflict
Or Reconciliation
Part1 Part2 Part3
Salah A Programming For Righteousness
Part1 Part2 Part3
Talks In Kuwait-Islam And Knowledge
Part1 Part2
Universal Brotherhood
Part1 Part2 Part3
Universal Brotherhood (Urdu)
Women's Right in Islam -
Modernising or Outdated?
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

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