Hamza Yusuf :

Clarity Amidst Confusion Part1 Part2
Ramadan advice (11-02)
Thought for the day! Part1 Part2
Sample of The Burda Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Zaytuna Institute
Personal Interview  
Interview-Road to Submission
Allah is With Those Who Submit(11-14-03)
Path of Peace!

What are we doing with our lives?
Sacrifices in Being a Muslim!
Changes Within Us!
Recognizing The Times!
Asserting Islamic Identity
Al' Quds
In the footsteps of the Prophet(saw)
Expalining Islam to Non Muslim Teachers
Part1 Part2
What do Muslims believe in? (dialogue with priest)
The True Spirit of Islam!
Key to Unity
Shariah-the Sacred Law!
Last Sermon of the Prophet(saw) Part1 Part2
Revitalization of Faith!
Messenger of Allah(saw)
Character of the Prophet(saw)
The Greatest Teacher(saw)
Prophet Muhammad(saw)-The Best of Creation

Walking with Intention
Curing The Heart
Tolerance - A Hallmark Of Muslim Character
Islamic Contributions to Civilization (ISNA 2003)

Reflections on Ramadan in Times of Crisis-BBC Asian Network
Islamic Roadmap

Our Family in Crisis  Part1 Part2 Part3 (Poor Quality!)
A Mercy to Mankind

Give and Take for God's Sake
Reasons for Seasons
Mercy to Humanity!(Zaid Shakir & Hamza Yusuf - MeccaOne Radio Interview)
Deenport Interview 
A Message to Humanity!(ISNA 2004) 
South Africa Radio Interview
Changing The Perception Of Reality

Blessings Of Ramadan
Articles Of Faith
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Pillars Of Practice  Part1 Part2 Part3 
Reflections on the Tsunami

BBC-Reflections On The Shakespeare Sonnet
Community Advice
Allah And His Messenger(saw)In Our Lives

Talk With Mark Lawson (BBC 4)
Preservation Amidst Tribulation 01
(Arabic-Abu Shusha)
Preservation Amidst Tribulation 02
(English Translation-Hamza Yusuf)
The Quran(KUED Radio)
Independence Day
Elements Of Success!

BBC Asian Network Drive Show with Ray Khan
Part1 Part2

9th Sept 2002
Love Has Conditions  Part1 Part2
Reviving The Spirit of Al-Andalus (12-05)
Al-Qur'an  Part1 Part2
BBC Radio Five Live

Family Night  Part1 Part2
The Unexamined Life and Islam
Family Life In Islam  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Tackling Extremism

Does God Love War? (The Sunday Salon, 94.1 FM KPFA Radio)
There Is No Calamity If There Is Certainty
Challenges of Co-Existence (Danish Cartoon Controversy)
Patience Takes Courage

The Seven Steps of Highly Effective Muslims:

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Upholding Faith,Serving Humanity
(with Zaid Shakir)

The Dangers of Heedlessness
Achieving Balance in a Troubled World
Mawlid an-Nabi 2007  Part1 Part2
Reflections on Surah Al-'Asr & Surah Al-Rahman
Reflections on Surah Al-Balad
Making Sense of Our Past
Secularism Facing Islam
The Perfect Path
Who Speaks For Islam
Tackling Extremism (Doha Debates)


Yahya Ibrahim :

The Blessings of seeking knowledge
Barries between you and asking Forgiveness
Let us increase our Faith!
Descriptions of Paradise
The Doors of the shaytaan
The way to Salvation
Fear Allah & love the messenger(saw)
Protecting Against the Shaytaan
Islam a whole way of life!
What is holding you back!
The Evil Effects of Ignorance upon the Ummah
Part1 Part2
Role of Prophet Jesus(AS)in Islam (& Descent)
Al-Ghaflah (ignorance-heedlessness of Allah)
As-Sabr (patience)
At-Taqwa (faith)
Control the use of your tongue
Death is near
Paradise is our reward!
Principles of the Quran
Reaping rewards from Ramadan
The Dunya Part1 Part2
Trials & Tribulations
Life in the Grave!
The Hijab
Who are the daughters of the Prophet(saw)
Part1 Part2

Discriptions of Paradise Part1 Part2
Rewards of Women in Jannah  Part1 Part2
Dealing With Women in Every Aspect of Your Life  Part1 Part2
Nasiha to the Youth in the West
Where are the Women Scholars?
Prophet Jesus Was Saved by Allah From the Cross!
We Are More Worthy of Prophet Jesus Than They Are!
Oh Believing Women! Part1 Part2
Bad Use of the Tongue Part1 Part2
Renewing Our Faith is the Priority of the Believer in Ramadan

Islamic Courses: (9 parts)

(Course 01) At-Tauheed (Monotheism)
(Course 02) The True Meaning of Worship
(Course 03) Allah is the Lord and Only He is to Be Worshipped
(Course 04) Tauheed al-Asmaa was Sifaat
(Course 05) Tauheed Asmaa was Sifaat 
(Course 06) Belief in Angels 01
(Course 07) Belief in Angels 02
(Course 08) Belief in the Qur'an 01
(Course 09) Belief in the Qur'an 02

Al-Muhaasabah (Accounting of One's Own Deeds)
Good Use of the Tongue Part1 Part2
How and Why We Love and Respect the Scholars
Part1 Part2
How to Survive in This Society  Part1 Part2

On the Path of Dawah : (4 parts)

01-At-Taqwaa wa'l-Iklhaas (Taqwa & Sincerity)
02-Knowledge, Understanding and Action
03-Wisdom and Humbleness
04-Patience in Adversity

Salaat ul Jumu`ah
The Birth of Prophet Essa(Jesus)Was a Miracle
The Meaning of al-`Ibaadah (Worship)
Muslim Identity Part1 Part2
Maintaining Islam

Principles of Fiqh : (8 parts) 

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8

Lectures For Sisters :

Rewards of Women in Jannah - Part 01
Rewards of Women in Jannah - Part 02
Where are the Women Scholars
Who are the Daughters of the Prophet (SAWS) - Part 01
Who are the Daughters of the Prophet (SAWS) - Part 02

Tearful Moments of the Prophet's(saw)Life :



Khalid Yaseen :

(A Convert himself,he gave this lecture in Saudi Arabia in 1994...mashAllah after listening 43 people immediately Reverted to Muslims!)

What is the Purpose of Life?(1994)
Part1 Part2

(Now this same lecture is repeated in 2003 in Australia where 22 people Reverted to Muslims!)

What is The Purpose of Life?(2003)

Muhammad (saw) The Man and His Message
Part1 Part2 Q&A
Our Beginning Our End!(4 people reverted!)
El Hajj Malik Shahbaz (Malcolm X)
Dawah Technique Course
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Challenges to Muslim Youth in the West
Changing the World through Dawah
We Must Deliver the Message
Fighting the Enemy within


Abdul Raheem Green :

How I came to Islam
Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll
Major Signs Of The Day Of Judgement
Women in Islam
The Purpose Of Creation
Moments of Death!
Islamic Law - Justice or Oppression?
Part1 Part2

Youth Forum (28/09/2002-with Yakhubu Mohammed):

1-abdurraheem talk
3-yakhubu talk a
4-yakhubu talk b
7-principles a
b1-principles b
b2-children punishments
b5-female leaders
b7-knowing hypocrisy
b8-convert a
b9-convert b

Beauty and Wonders of Islam:

Track1 Track2 Track3 Track4 Track5 Track6 Track7 Track8 Track9 Track10 Track11 Track12 Track13 Track14

Coca-Cola Muslim  Part1 Part2
Pray Before You Are Prayed Upon!
Evolution,Origin-Monkey or Man

Yusuf Islam (Former singer Cat Stevens) :

Islam and My Life
Why Islam? Part1 Part2
Islam - The Future of Mankind!
Glorious Quran! (The Liberator)
From singing stardom to Peace(Islam)
Part1 Part2
One God one humanity
Interview in Norway (1978-1979)
Reaching Out With Islam
Diseases of the Heart
Darkness To Light!
Building The Faith

Prayers of the Last Prophet (saw) Part1 Part2
Islam-The Most Misunderstood Religion

Welcome to the Quran(Gateway To Faith):

Track1 Track2 Track3 Track4 Track5 Track6 Track7 Track8 Track9

Life of the Last Prophet (saw):

01 - Call To Prayer (Adhan)
02 - Introduction
03 - A Lone Orphan
04 - The Trustworthy
05 - The Black Stone
06 - Polytheists And Idols
07 - The Cave
08 - Read! (Surah Al-Alaq)
09 - The Opening (Surah Al- Fatihah)
10 - Allah; The One (Surah Al-Ikhlas)
11 - Rejecion And Boycott
12 - The Night Journey
13 - The Lote Tree (Surah Al-Isra)
14 - Five Daily Prayers
15 - Al-Madinah
16 - The First Constitution
17 - Migrants And Helpers (Surah Al-Anfal)
18 - Charity And Fasting
19 - People Of The Book
20 - Permission To Fight (Surah Al-Hajj)
21 - Battle Of Badr
22 - Truce Of Hudaybiyyah
23 - Call To The Rulers
24 - Common Terms (Surah Al-Imran)
25 - Makkah Opened
26 - La Ilaha Illa Allah
27 - Idols Smashed
28 - Religion Of Truth (Surah Al-Saf)
29 - Farewell Pilgrimage
30 - This Day (Surah Al-Maidah)
31 - The Death Of The Prophet
32 - Muhammad Al-Mustafa
33 - Supplication (Du'a)
34 - Tala'a Al-Badru 'Alayna
35 - Conclusion


Zakir Naik :

Quran and Modern Science Part1 Part2
The Quran And The Bible In The Light Of Science  Part1 Part2
Prophet Muhammed (saw) in various religious scriptures Part1 Part2 Part3
Dawa or Destruction  Part1 Part2 Part3

Salat(Prayers)-The Programming towards Righteousness  Part1 Part2
Similarities Between Islam & Christianity
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Universal Brotherhood-Questions & Answers
Part1 Part2 Part3
Womans Rights In Islam Modernizing Or Outdated Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Women's Rights In Islam-Questions & Answers
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Dietary Laws In Islam 
Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitted Or Prohibited
For Human Beings? 

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
Is Religious Fundamentalism A Stumbling Block In The Freedom Of Expression?

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Religion In The Right Prospective 

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
The Concept Of God In The Major World
Religions  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 


Dawood Adib :

Why you should be a Muslim?  Part1 Part2
Backbiting  Part1 Part2

How to Build an Islamic Household (18 parts)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13
Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18

An Analytical Criticism of Sufism  Part1 Part2
Minor Signs of the Day Of Judgment
Trials Of The Grave
Teenager In Islam  Part1 Part2

The Weakness Of Ummah And Its Remedie
Manners Of Sleeping
Islam in Focus  

Farhat Hashmi :(urdu)

Shaytaan kai hathkanday
Part1 Part2 Part3
Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Gheebat,Badgumani,Tajassus Part1 Part2 Part3
Hum namaz kyun parhain?
Namaz kya sikhati hai?  Part1 Part2
Allah Kai Khoobsurat Naam
Part1 Part2 Part3
Adl,Ehsan aur Silah-e-Rahmi  Part1 Part2
Insaan Allah ka muhtaaj hai  Part1 Part2
Namaz faarz hai  Part1 Part2
Allah-The Eternal Source Of Light
 Part1 Part2
Save yourself & your family from the
Assalam Alaikum
Khushamdeed Ramazaan
Let us prepare for Hajj 
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Qiyaamat  Part1 Part2 Part3
Rajab & Shab-e-Meraj Part1 Part2
Ramazaan kayse guzarein?
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Ramazaan Ki Aaamad (Dubai 2002 special)
Part1 Part2 Part3
Ramazaan Ki Fazilaat
Ramazaan aur Tazkiya-e-nafs
Raya Kari
Sayedina Abu Bakar Siddique (RA)
Part1 Part2 Part3
Sood Haraam Hai...Kiyuon?
Part1 Part2 Part3
Toubah Istagfar
True Love Part1 Part2
Walidain say Husn-e-Salook
Part1 Part2 dua
Zilhajj-Qurbani Part1 Part2 Part3
Zuban ka Istamal
short guide for Hajj (presentation)
Aao jhuk jain  Part1 Part2
Allah Ki Rahmat Say Mayous Na Hun
Part1 Part2 Part3

Surah Al-Mulk  Part1 Part2

April Fool  Part1 Part2

Aurat ki gawahi aadhi kyun  Part1 Part2

Ayat-Al-Kursi explanation

Dil ki baatain  Part1 Part2

Ghar Tootnay Na Paye  Part1 Part2 Part3

Haj by the Prophet Muhammed (saw)  Part1 Part2
Hum Safar  Part1 Part2

Jadoo...Haqiqat Aur Elaage  Part1 Part2

Janat ke darwazay  Part1 Part2

Jannat ka sauda  Part1 Part2 Part3

Jub haya na rahay  Part1 Part2

Khawateen Kay Liay 2 Rastay  Part1 Part2

Khushgawaar Bahami Ta'aluqaat

Khwab aur us ki Haqiqat  Part1 Part2

Libaas O'Hijaab
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Part8 Part9 Part10

Mashwara kyoon zaruri hai  Part1 Part2

Men are the Protectors of Women
Part1 Part2 Part3

Muhabbat ka imtahaan  Part1 Part2 Part3


O Allah! Bless our Prophet(saw)-darood

Quran ki kirnay Muree mein  Part1 Part2 Part3
Rehman kay banday  Part1 Part2 Part3

Sa'af  Rahiye, Sehathmand Rahiye  Part1 Part2
Sharaab aur Jooah  Part1 Part2

Taqdir  Part1 Part2

Woh kamiab hogaye..kon  Part1 Part2 Part3

Ya Rab Teri Bukhshish Chahiye
Part1 Part2 Part3

Israr Ahmed : (urdu) 

Surah Asr


Babar Chaudhry : (urdu) 

Deen (Judgment)
Establishment of Salat(video)
Haque Part I.(The Truth Part I)
Haque Part II.(The Truth Part II)
How to read Al-Quran
Noor & Zulumat.(Light and Darkness)
Pakistan Tv Interview
Surah Fatiha
Zikar (Remembrance)
Verification of Al-Quran

Abdullah Naasir Rehmani :(urdu)

Advice Of Allah's Messenger(saw) To Ibn Abbas
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Allah's Guidance 
Authority Of Hadeeth  Part1 Part2
Beliefs Of Ahl Al-Hadeeth  Part1 Part2
Benefits Of Taqwa  Part1 Part2
Concept Of Peace In Islam  Part1 Part2
Confusion Of Groups And Parties
Day Of Judgement  Part1 Part2
Day Of Resurrection  Part1 Part2
Extremism And Innovation In The Religion
Part1 Part2
Fear Of Allah
Fitna Of Rejecting Hadeeth  Part1 Part2
Freedom And Tawheed
Great Examples Of Tawbah  Part1 Part2
Idol Of Blind Following
Idols Of Our Times 
Ittiba And The Attitude Of The Scholars
Part1 Part2
Love Of The Prophet(saw)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Love Of The Prophet(saw) Part1 Part2
Matters Of Islah
Meaning Of La Ilaha Illa Allah
Mercy Of Allah
Methodology Of Quraanic Tafseer
Obedience To Allahs Messenger(saw) Alone
Part1 Part2
On The Death Of Shaikh Badie-Ud-Deen Shah
Part1 Part2
Oneness Of Allah
Punishment In The Grave
Punishments Of The Day Of Judgement
Part1 Part2
Reality Of Jamaat Al-Muslimeen Part1 Part2
Responsibilities Towards The Book And The Sunnah  Part1 Part2
Rewards And Punishments
Righteous Actions  Part1 Part2
Sacrifice  Part1 Part2
Shareeah Of Muhammad(saw)  Part1 Part2
Supplications Of The Morning And Evening
Tawbah And Its Conditions  Part1 Part2
Tawheed And Love For Allah
Tawheed And Shirk
Tawheed Asmaa Was-Sifat And Duaa
Test Of Allah's Religion
The Religion Is Easy  Part1 Part2
The Three Traps Of Iblees
Three Types Of Tawheed  Part1 Part2
Trust  Part1 Part2
Visiting Graves In Islam
Way Of Ahlul-Hadeeth And Our Responsibilities
Part1 Part2
What Love For The Prophet(saw) Demands?
Where Is Allah?

Abu Adnan : 

On The Path Of Guidance
Calling All Witnesses All In One
Corrupters of the Heart
Critical Analysis of Bidaah
Part1 Part2 Part3
Du-Al Qarnian
Key To Paradise
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Ladder of Satan
Our Foremost Obligation
Scholars or Falsifiers
Tafseer Luqman
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
The Companions Of The Cave
The Shade of Surat Al-Jatheyah
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
The Story of Moosa And Al-Khadir
The Two Men And The Two Gardens

Hussein Yee :

Causes Of Destruction
Freedom Of Religion
Happy Marriage
How To Be A Good Muslim
Self Control
The Great Fitnah
Time To Make Changes
Why Dawah
Why Stress



Abdul Mannan :(urdu) 

Ramadan & Increase In Taqwa

Abdul Hameed :(urdu) 

Aljamaat Se Kya Muraad Hai   Part1 Part2 Part3
Haq Kaise Ghalib Hota Hai   Part1 Part2 Part3

Zahir Mahmood :

Al Quran - A Timeless Guide
European Depictions Of the Propet (saw)
Dawn of a New Superpower
The Final Disaster
The Martydom of Umar ibn Al-Khattab (ra)
Part1 Part2
Martydom of Uthman (ra)
The Martyrdom of Hussain(Ra)-Karbala
The Significance Of Ramadhan
Ummah in Crisis(Current Situation of the Ummah)
Concepts from The Quran
The Life of Hazrat Abdullah ibn Zubair (ra)
Sa'd ibn-Abi Waqaas - Knight Of Islam
The Life Of Khalid Bin Al Waleed
Part1 Part2

Abdul Khaliq Madni :(urdu)

Janat Ki Tareef
Khawateen Ka Maqam  Part1 Part2
Masjid Al-Aqsa And Our Responsibilities
The Acceptance Of Duaa  Part1 Part2
The Prophet's(saw) Prayer  Part1 Part2
The Ruling Of Zakaat  Part1 Part2

Abdul Latif :(urdu)

Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen Ka Ta'aruf  Part1 Part2

Abdul Haleem :(urdu)


Coming to Islam! : (True Accounts of people converting to Islam!)

Why I Chose Islam!  (Brian)
Coming to Islam  (Br. Ali Shabaaz)

Coming to Islam  (Br. Imran)
Coming to Islam  (Br. Tyrone)
Coming to Islam  (Bro Mutta (Napoleon))
Story of Reverting to Islam  (Bro. Basil Abdul-Khabir)
Trials and Tribulations of Those Born Into A Muslim Family  (Brother Abdullah)
A Story Of Reverting To Islam  (Brother Muhammad Wittin)
Born and Raised As a Muslim  (Brother Sajjad)

Story of Reverting to Islam  (Eric Schrody)
Coming to Islam  (Sister Azizah Mohamed)
Story of Reverting to Islam  (Haroons Mom, Sister Suzan)
Story of Reverting to Islam  (Mustafa Abdul-Khabir)
Born and Raised Into Islam  (Abdur Rahman)
Prisoner of the Taliban Reverting to Islam  (Yvonne Ridley)
Sherman [Jaffar] Whittenburg - Ex-Model and Actor [USA]

Yahia Abdul-Rahman :

Friendship and Kindness
Guidance of Allah
Meaning of Hajj
Messenger of Allah(saw)
Hajj - A Contemporary Analysis Part1 Part2
Concept of Hijra  Part1 Part2
Hijra, Al-Quds & Pakistan N-Tests  Part1 Part2

  Suhaib Webb :

Zina-The Disease with a Thousand Faces Q&A
The Implications of The Shahadah
Part1 Part2

Life Of  Our Prophet (saw): (32 Parts)

The Importance of Muhammad’s (saw) life in understanding Islam (Part1)
Pre-Islamic Arabia, and childhood of Muhammad (saw) (Part2)
Searching for Truth,The First Revelation (Part3)
Secret Dawa and the pioneers of Islam (Part4)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part5)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part6)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part7)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part8)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part9)
The Definition of Seerah (Part10)
Studying Seerah Is Ibada (Part11)
The Beginning of the Life of the Prophet (S) (Part12)
The Life of Muhammad (Part13)
The Religious Background of Arabia (Part14)
The Life of our Prophet (saw) (Part15)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part16)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part17)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part18)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part19)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part20)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part21)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part22)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part23)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part24)
The Life of our Prophet (saw)(Part25)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija (Part26)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part27)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part28)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part29)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part30)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part31)
The Marriage of Muhammad (S) to Khadija(Part32)

Living in the shade of the Quran
Some Lessons from the Hijra
The Individual
Message for Dhul Hijja & Eid Al-Adha
5 Things you can do to taste the sweetness
of Ramadan(Special Guest Imam Patrick Robertson)
Tafseer of Surah al-Hujuraat
Part2 (mp3) Part3 (mp3) Part4 (mp3)
Understanding Tests(with Cleo)

The Mothers Of The Believers

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid  Part1 Part2
Sawda bint Zama
Aisha bint Abi Bakr  Part1 Part2
Hafsa bint Umar
Hind bint Abi Umayyah,Umm Salamah
Zaynab bint Jahsh
Juwayriyah bint Al-Harith,Umm Habiba
Safiyah bint Huyy,Maymunah bint Al-Harith


Abdullah Hakim Quick :

Allah Tests us with Hardship and Comfort
Do People need Religion?
Miracle of the Quran
The Day Of Judgement is near!
Islamic Revivalism
Deception (Al-Ghuroor)
The Youths & Our Responsibility 
The devil's deception
Islam In North America
Destruction of the Muslim Community
On the Grave
Islam, Slavery and the African
Being Like Prophet Muhammad(saw) is Society's Only Hope
The Dilemma of the Youth
The Responsibility of the Prophet's(saw) Ummah in the Last Days

The War Against Muslim Women
Unity of Mankind on the Brotherhood of Islam
Causes and Consequences of Doubt in Faith

Miracle of the Qur'an

Deeper Roots Part1 Part2  

Islam has the Solution!
Respecting the Prophet(Saw)
The Dilemma of Muslim Women   Part1 Part2

Harun Yahya :

Deep Thinking
Death, Resurrection, Hell
Ever thought about the Truth
How do the Unwise Interpret the Quran
Before you Regret
Miracles of the Quran Part1 Part2
Miracle in Ants Part1 Part2
Miracle of Birth Part1 Part2
Miracle in the Cell Part1 Part2
Miracle in DNA Part1 Part2
Miracle in the Eye Part1 Part2
Miracle in the Ear Part1 Part2
Miracle in the Honeybee Part1 Part2
Perished Nations Part1 Part2
Evolution Deceit Part1 Part2
Timelessness Part1 Part2
Basic concepts in the Quran
Secrets of the Quran
Migration of Birds,Monarchs
Importance of Concience in the Quran
Islam denounces Terrorism
Never plead Ignorance
Quran leads the way to science
The Nightmare of disbelief

Jamal Badawi : 

Economic System Of Islam:

Economic Policy 
Labor & Work Ethics
Muslim Contribution To Astronomy & Chemistry
Muslim Contribution To Mathematics & Physics
Muslim Contribution To Medicine Part1 Part2
Muslim Contribution To Other Field Part1 Part2
Production Learning & Experimentation
Production Qur'anic Foundation
Prohibition Of Riba (Interest)
Part1 Part2 Part3
Property Rights

Jesus(Prophet Essa-AS) Beloved Messenger Of Allah(SWT):

Authority & Authenticity Of Scriptures
Part1 Part2
Comparative Christology:
I - Methodology
Ii - The Qur'an & Deification
Deification Of Jesus-Its Evolution:
I - No Basis For Trinity
Ii - Disciples And Paul
Iii - Paul's Role
Iv - Early Unitarians 1
V - Early Unitarians 2
Vi - The Council Of Nicaea (325)
Vii - Other Major Councils
Viii - Later Councils
Did Jesus(P) Claim Divinity:
I - Approach Of Study
Ii - Claims Attributed To Jesus(P)
Iii - More On Claims
Iv - Titles Of Jesus
V - Other Claims
Vi - Jesus(P) Denies Godhood
Vii - Responses To Objections
Jesus(P) In Islam:
I - Introduction
Ii - Birth Of Jesus(P)
Iii - His Nature
Iv - His Nature And Mission
V - End Of Jesus' Mission
Vi - Ascention And Return Of Jesus(P)
Vii - The Second Coming Of Jesus(P) 1
Vii - The Second Coming Of Jesus(P) 2
Later Unitarians:
I - Servetus
Ii - Francis David
Iii - Sozini And Socianus
Iv - John Briddle
V - Emlyn And Lindsey
Vi - Joseph Priestly
Vii - William Channing

Miracles And Divinity - Biblical Parallels
The Question Of Mystery

Trinity, Atonement & Blood Sacrifice: Resurrection  Part1 Part2 Part3
Roots Of God-Incarnate
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
The Islamic Perspective
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8
The Question Of The Trinity  Part1 Part2
Sin & Atonement Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Muhammad (saw) The Last Messenger Of Allah:

Anticipation & Signs
Jesus (P) On The Coming Of Muhammad (P):
The Gospel Of Barnabas
Barnabas On The Crucifiction Of Judas
Jesus (P) Appears To Disciples  
Objections To Barnabas' Gospel & Responses
Antiquity Of Barnabas' Gospel
Essenic Terminology In Barnabas'
Authenticity Of The Gospel Of Barnabas  Barnabas' And Christology
Higgins' Work
Methodology Of Studying Seerah:
1 Introduction
2 Problems With Orientalism
3 Problems With Some Muslim Writers
4 Problems With Haykal's Approach - 1
5 Problems With Haykal's Approach - 2
6 Sources Of Seerah - 1
7 Sources Of Seerah - 2
Muhammad (P) & Abrahamic Tree:
1 Introduction
2 Paran, Bacca And Ishmael
3 Attempts To Exclude Ishmael
4 Moses' Prophecy About Muhammad (P)
5 Isaiah's Prophecies
6 Isaiah's And John's
7 Jesus (P) On The Coming Of Muhammad (P)
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Muhammad (P) In Ancient Scriptures:
1 Zoroastrian & Buddhist Scriptures
2 Prophecies In Hindu Scriptures 

Political System Of Islam:

Early Application I
Early Application Ii
Guiding Principles In Government
Imamite Concept I
Imamite Concept Ii
Nature Of Islamic Political Systems
Political Process - Choice Of Rulers
Religion & Politics
Al-Shura & Decision Making Process
Rights Of Non-Muslim Minorities
Virtues Of Abu-Bakr, Omar & Othman
Virtues Of Ali - Respect For Predecessors

Polygamy In Islamic Law:

Historical Perspective-1of5 
Why Allowed?-3of5
Women's Options-4of5

Social System Of Islam:
Emancipation Of Slaves I
Emancipation Of Slaves Ii 
Human Brotherhood And Equility I
Human Brotherhood And Equility Ii
Islam's View Of Sex
Muslim Women In History I
Muslim Women In History Ii
Muslim Women In History Iii
Muslim Women In Recent History
Place Of Family In Islam
Position Of Women In Ancient Civilization

Position Of Women In Islam:
Economic Aspect
Political Aspect I 
Political Aspect Ii
Social Aspect
Spritual Aspect
Women In Judaeo-Christian And Muslim Scriptures Part1 Part2

The Qur'an-Its Authenticity And Its Sciences:
Arrangement Of The Qur'an
Baseless Claims In Al-Kafi
Bases Of Arrangement
Connection Between Surahs 1of6
Connection Between Surahs 2of6
Connection Between Surahs 3of6
Connection Between Surahs 4of6
Connection Between Surahs 5of6
Connection Between Surahs 6of6
Criteria For Classification
Discussion Of Objections
Early Compilation
Early Copies (Othmaans Time)
Early Preservation
Makki & Madani Revelations
Naskh Supersession I
Naskh Supersession Ii
Naskh Examples Iii
Naskh & Purity Of Creed Iv
Nothing Lost Or Dropped
Piecemeal Revelation
Qur'an Sciences - Introduction
Reasons For Revelation
Script And Recitation
Subclassifications Of Periods
Support Of Othmaan's Decision
Tafseer Interpretation I
Tafseer Interpretation Ii
Translation - Difficulties I
Translation - Major Errors Ii
Translation - Additional Errors Iii

The Qur'an Ultimate Miracle:
Contents Of The Qur'an - Manifestation Of It's Source 
Did The Qur'an Pre-Exist Before It's Revelation Part1 Part2 Part3
Linguistic Miracle Of The Qur'an:
I - Perpetual Challenge
II - Beyond Human Capacity
Iii - Unique Characteristics
Iv - Specific Examples
V - The Flow Of Meaning
Source Of The Qur'an:
I - Internal Evidence
Ii - Impossibility Of Muhammad's(saw) Authorship 
Iii - Absence Of Personal Motives
Iv - Epilepsy - Unscientific Explanation
V - Religious Illusions I
Vi - Religious Illusions Ii
Vii - Learning From Others
Viii - Borrowing From The Bible 1of4
Ix - Borrowing From The Bible 2of4
X - Borrowing From The Bible 3of4
Xi - Borrowing From The Bible 4of4
The Qur'an And Modern Sciences:
I - Reservations & Comparisons
Ii - Comparisons With The Bible
Iii - Water Cycle
Iv - The Universe
V - Astronomy
Vi - Geology, Botany, Zoology
Vii - Human Reproduction 1of5
Viii - Human Reproduction 2of5
Ix - Human Reproduction 3of5
X - Human Reproduction 4of5
Xi - Human Reproduction 5of5

Misconceptions About Islam (Bahrain)
Part1 Part2


Introduction And Terms
Sources Of Knowledge About God  
Analysis Of Creedal Formula
Divine Attributes (Forgiveness)
Divine Attributes 2
Effects Of Monotheism On Life
Forms Of Shirk 1
Forms Of Shirk 2, Divine Attributes

Moral Teachings Of Islam:

Beautification And Behavior
Intoxicants  Part1 Part2
Others, Ingredients
Pork (Medical Aspects)
Pork (Religious Aspects)

Forgiveness And Purity Of Heart
Foundations Of Islamic Ethics
Human Nature In Islam
Humility And Dignity
Main Ethical Questions
Moderation And Generosity
Modesty And Dress Code Part1 Part2
Moral Virtues - Taqwa
Muslim View Of The Universe
Prohibition To Safeguard Property
Prohibitions To Protect Faith And Life
Prohibitions To Protect Honor
Purity Of Intentions
Responsibility Of Words
Sexual Morality
The Lawful And Unlawful

Muhammad(saw) In The Bible:

A Prophet Like Unto Moses
About The Qur'an And Ka'bah
Characteristics (Isaiah 42)
Jesus Prophecy (Paraclete)
Lineage Of The Awaited Prophet(saw)
Location (Paran Macca)
Other References And Conclusions

Muslim Beliefs:

Death  Part1 Part2
After Death
Accountability,Paradise And Hellfire
Al-Qadar (Measure)
The Soul  
Books Of Allah
Divination,Astrology And Magic
Dreams, Omens, Envy And Charms
Signs Of The Hour

Pillars Of Islam:

Testimony Of Faith

Form And Significance Part1 Part2
Preparation For Prayers
Purity And Hygiene
Group Prayers, Conclusion
Saum: (Fasting) And Charity
History  Part1 Part2
Rites And Significance  Part1 Part2


Need For Prophets(pbut)
Revelation And Characteristics Of Prophets 
Prophecy, Ingenuity And Miracles
Spread Of Islam
Muslim Non-Muslim Relations
Islamic And Biblical Versions
Jesus In The Qur'an - Birth
Jesus In The Qur'an - Humanity
Jesus In The Qur'an - Mission
Finality Of Prophethood

Characteristics of the Islamic Moral Code
Commonly Misunderstood Quranic texts
Offers & Temptations to the Prophet(saw)
Charity & Distributive Justice
Distributive justice & Inheritance
The World at the advent of the Prophet Muhammed(saw)  Part1 Part2
Position of Woman In Islam
An Alternative To Mortgage Part1 Part2
Future Of Muslim community In The West
Answering Tough Questions!
Recapturing the Spirit of Islam 
Part1 Part2 (with Hamza Yusuf)
Prohibitions or Unlawful acts!
Women in the Quran versus the Bible
Islamic Dawah In The West  Part1 Part2 


Jamal Al-Din Zarabozo :

The Sraight Path-As Sirat Al Mustaqeem
Part1 Part2
How to Approach the Qur'an
Muslim Women-Challenges and Conspiracies
Part1 Part2
Advice From the Scholars (at JIMAS conference '97)
Rights of the Messenger (saw) & The importance of the Sunnah 
The Effects of Sins and the Need To Repent

Modernism & Interfaith Dialogue Part1

Surah al Fath-29
Our Character-A Witness For Our Faith
Part1 Part2

The Means of Sticking to the Path
Part1 Part2

What is Kufr?  Part1 Part2
Principles Of Tafsir  Part1 Part2

The Evil Effects Of Modernist Schools
Part1 Part2
The Status Of The Sunnah  Part1 Part2

Understanding Saheeh Al-Bukhari And Muslim
Part1 Part2
Workshop On Hadith  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Allah's Final Revelation to Mankind 

Human Rights & Cultural Values in Islam

Part1 Part2
Evaluation of Sufism

Means To Steadfastness On Religion and Impediment to Remaining Steadfast in One's Religion

The Modernist Movement Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Al-Fatihah - An In-Depth Study:

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Part8 Part9 Part10
Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14
Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19 Part20
Part21 Part22 Part23 Part24 Part25 Part26
Part27 Part28

A Guide for the New Muslim:

CD 1- The Purpose and Goals of the Series
CD 2- The Basic sources of Islam - Quran,Sunnah & Hadith
CD 3- The Universality of Islam and Its Timelessness
CD 4- Testimony of Faith,Islamic Law and Fiqh
CD 5- Special Rewards for the Convert - Issue of Faith and Marriage from    
Pre-Muslim Days
CD 6- Islamic Creed and The Article of Faith
CD 7- The Ritual Acts & The Five Pillars of Islam
CD 8- The Character,Morals & Relations of The Muslim
CD 9- A Muslims Social Interaction Towards a Spouse
CD 10-A Muslims Social Behavior with Neighbors and Non-Muslims
CD 11-The Social Behavior with the Society as a Muslim
CD 12-Motivating and Increasing Ones Faith

Envy (Al-Hasad)

Part 1 - The Central Role of the Heart
Part 2 - The Deeds & Diseases of the Heart
Part 3 - The Definition of Hasad
Part 4 - Historical Manifestations & the Evils of Hasad
Part 5 - The Evils of Hasad (Cont'd)
Part 6 - Counteracting Hasad in One's Heart
Part 7 - Positive Aspects



Mamdouh Mohamed :

3 types of people in the Quran Part1 Part2
Existence of God

steps of shaytan:

(step1) Shirk Part1 Part2
(step2) Bid'ah Part1 Part2
(step3) Major Sins Part1 Part2 Part3

Importance of Sadaqah (Charity) Part1 Part2
Loyalty & Disassociation
Istiqamah (Straightforwardness) Part1 Part2
Brotherhood Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6
Oh My Slaves!
Purification of the Soul  Part1 Part2

Shortcuts to Paradise!  Part1 Part2

Sources of Tranquility in Times of Calamity

Tips On How To Learn Quranic Arabic Quickly and Easily  Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Unique Generations of Prophet Muhammad (saw) Part1 Part2
The Meaning of Islam

The Purpose of Life

Two Signs of the Day of Judgment
Priorities of Following the Way of Muhammad(saw)

Love for the Final Prophet(saw) in Faith and Practice 
Love Story 
Reflections after Ramadan
Seerah Part1 Part2 Part3
Characteristics of Effective Teachers
Is the Quran the Word of God?
Quran in your Life


Basit Bilal Koshal :

The Ayat of Allah
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7
Destiny of Islam
Post Modernism

Aminah Assilmi :

Women's Rights and Role in Islam
Islam - Liberator of Women!  Part1 Part2
Why do Muslim Women wear the Hijab? 

Nancy Ali : 

Christianity to Islam   Part1 Part2

AbdAllah Muslim : 

Life of Prophet Muhammad (saw)-History of Dawah 

Ahmed Ali : 

Favour and Love of Allah
Challenge of the Quran! Part1 Part2
Dajjal Part1 Part2

Gog and Magog Part1 Part2
History of Four Imams Part1 Part2 Part3
The Return of Prophet Isa (Jesus) AS
Part1 Part2 

Minor signs of the 21st Century Part1 Part2

The Mercy Of Allah  Part1 Part2

Day of Judgement  Part1 Part2

Hell  Part1 Part2
Imam Bukhari  Part1 Part2
Present Muslim Character  Part1 Part2
Prophet Ibrahem AS  Part1 Part2
Departure of Prophet Muhammad (saws) 
Part1 Part2
The Splitting of the chest  Part1 Part2

The Beast  Part1 Part2
The False Accusation  Part1 Part2
Imam Abu Hanifa  Part1 Part2

Mistakes in Choosing a Partner Part1 Part2
Love For The Prophet (saw)

The Mahdi  Part1 Part2 
Forced Marriages  Part1 Part2 
Gift of Youth  Part1 Part2 

Love and Brotherhood  Part1 Part2 

Nurturing the Young  Part1 Part2 
Taalaq-Divorce  Part1 Part2 
Tawheed and Shirk  Part1 Part2
The Power of the Tongue

Human Rights in Islam
Love for Islam

The Ingredients for a Successful Marriage
Recognition of Allah and The Sweetness of Imaan

The Conquest Of Jerusalem and Masjid Al-Aqsa
Part1 Part2

No Human Can Defeat Them-Gog & Magog!
The Devils Deception
The Sahabah
The Jinn
Modernism,Freedom and Hijab
The IT Syndrome
Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
After Death

Abu Muslimah : 

60 Ways To Jannah (Paradise)
Don't Stay Back!
Footsteps Of The Shaytan
How To Get Closer To Allah 
Increase Worship In Islam & On Best Guidance
Islamic Leadership
On Doing Good Deeds
Seeking Protection From Allah
Shadows Of The Shaytan
The Day Of Reckoning
The Path To Zina
The Worst Disease Of The Heart
Ways & Means Of The Shaytan

Abu Muntasir :

Relief After Hardship!
Muslims of the West - Contributing to Our Society
Virtuous qualities during the beginning of Final Revelation  Part1 Part2 Part3

Perfection of Faith

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